V's Signature Deep Cleansing60 min$106
This signature treatment includes a cleansing, skin analysis, gentle exfoliation, a facial/decollete massage, a customized mask, and moisturization.  Your therapist will address any skin concerns you may have and help create a skin care regimen based on your needs.
Sensibly Swift Cleansing35 min$60
Express facial is great for people who are always on the go. Cleanse, exfoliate, skin analysis, customized mask, and moisturization treatment.
The Hombre Guapo Treatment60 min$120
For that special "handsome" man in your life who is in need of some TLC of his skin.  This treatment is specifically designed by using two forms of exfoliation, a light facial, neck, and shoulder massage, and customized mask.  This facial will leave his skin feeling smooth and more hydrated.
Exfoliating 60 min$115
This facial treatment is designed for uneven skin tone, sun-damaged, dull and/or congested skin.  It is customized with a papain and pineapple enzyme peel which naturally dissolves dead, damaged skin cells while leaving new and healthy ones intact.  We recommend the Glycolic peel as an add-on for a more deep and intense form of exfoliation.    
Caviar Treatment75 min$155
Spoil yourself with an exclusive treatment that uses DNA gel taken from fish roe and natural bio-peptides to awaken your skin, providing increased moisture and circulation. This facial will leave you feeling ten years younger.
The Ultimate Botox Treatment75 min$190
This is the ultimate facial for anyone looking for preventative maintenance and anti-aging.  This 75-minute treatment includes microdermabrasion, an ultrasound application, our "Needle Therapy system", and a 14 karat gold mask.  Our Crystal-Free Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates the skin while the ultrasound lifts and tightens the skin.  The "Needle Therapy" helps to penetrate product deeper into the skin as well as increase circulation. The 14 karat gold mask stimulates cellular growth and firms the skin. This treatment ends with a relaxing foot and leg massage.  
Crystal-Free Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion60 min$125
Our Crystal-Free Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion is a non-evasive treatment which gently resurfaces the skin. We use industry grade diamond tips which brush the skin's surface with the aid of a gentle vacuum, leaving the skin soft and supple.  Microdermabrasion also assists in building new skin cells.  Recommended for sun-damaged skin, uneven skin coloring, superficial scars, congested and acne-prone skin, and prevention of fine lines.    
Add-On Glycolic Peel $45
This application of Alpha Hydroxy Acid will help rejuvenate your skin, smooth fine lines, and help reduce brown spots.  It is also recommended for congested and acne-prone skin.  
Hydrating60 min$130
Resurfacing75 min$150
Brightening 60 min$130
Oxygen60 min$150
Basic Cleansing 60 min$80
no extractions
Teen Cleansing 45 min$70
Additional 20 min20 min$40


Swedish60 min$100
This classic form of full body massage uses a light to medium pressure.  It is enhances circulation, soothes tired muscles, relieves tension and stress throughout the body.  
Pre Natal60 min$110
This specialized treatment can ease many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, back ache, leg cramps, fatigue and more.  It enables the mother to connect more deeply with her body and her baby. Our therapists are specially certified to perform this massage.      
Hot Stone60 min$115
This massage uses smooth, heated basalt volcanic stones which are known to absorb and retain heat.  The heat helps relax tight and tired muscles, improve blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system.  It also allows the therapist work the deeper layers of the muscles, melting all the tension adn stress away.
Deep Tissue60 min$120
Deep tissue massage uses a variety of firm, direct strokes and stronger pressure.  It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues, increasing circulation, releasing built-up toxins, and restoring balance to the body.  It is especially helpful for chronically tense areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.    
Reflexology30 min$60
This healing add-on is based on the ancient art form rooted in the belief that each organ correlates to a specific pressure point on the feet.  This treatment helps to balance the flow energy throughout the body and releases blockages.    
Barefoot Ashiatsu60 min$140
Direct applications of pressure through a muscle into underlying bone. This deep, broad-based form of bodywork assists with rest, recovery, & repair of muscle tissue and creates a positive structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.
Hot Scented Towel $25
This add-on uses aromatherapy soaked hot towels to deeply penetrate your senses and invigorate your mind.
Hand | Foot Sugar Scrub $30
Organic sugar, essential oils, coconut oil, and massage oil are mixed together to create this rejuvenating add-on. Hands and feet are scrubbed and left soft and supple.
Aromatherapy  $25
This add-on uses the ancient science of essential oil derived from plants and herbs to enhance a person's mood, relieve tension and stress while helping to balance the mind and body.


V's Classic Manicure | Classic Pedicure30 min | 45 min$18 | $25
French Manicure | French Pedicure30 min | 60 min$25 | $30
Spa Manicure | Spa Pedicure60 min | 60 min$30+| $60+
Simply Swift Classic Polish Change20 min$13
Classic Polish Fix Per Nail 5 min$8
UV Gel Manicure Full Set90 min$75+
UV Gel Manicure Filling60 min$45
UV Gel White Filling60 min$55
UV Gel Pedicure Full Set90 min$90
UV Gel Pedicure Filling60 min$50
Gel Color Manicure60 min$35
Gel Color Pedicure60 min$50
Gel French Manicure60 min$40
Gel French Pedicure60 min$55
Hand Paraffin Treatment15 min$15
Foot Paraffin Treatment15 min$20
Callus Remover5 min$15
Callus Remover w. Paraffin20 min$20
Nail Hardener $5
Nail Buff for Shine $8
Classic Mani | Pedi Combo90 min$40
French Manicure | Pedicure Combo120 min$55
Gel Color Manicure | Pedicure Combo120 min$85
Gel French Manicure | Pedicure Combo120 min$95
Gel Color Add-on $18

Body Treatments

Seaweed Masque & Wrap60 min$115
This highly detoxifying wrap is enriched with phytonutrients, amino acid, vitamins and minerals.  Seaweed aides in revitalizing and firming the skin, stimulating cell rejuvenation, restoring hydration levels in the body, and oxygenating the skin and body.  It has been known to protect against environmental factors such as pollution and stress.  The treatment is completed with an application of moisturization.        
All Organic Sugar Full Body Scrub60 min$125
All Organic sugar is blended with seasonal essential oils, coconut oil, avocado oil, and massage oil to create this refreshing and exfoliating body scrub. Sugar gently exfolites and removes dead skin cells while coconut and avocado oil provides deep moisturization, minerals, various B vitamins, vitamin D and E for your skin. This treatment finishes with an application of moisturizing oil filled with antioxidants.
Cellulite Body Masque & Wrap60 min$125
This advanced slimming treatment uses hot chili, a natural herbal extract, to combat cellulite, water retention and reduce subcutaneous fat tissue.  Hot chili helps dissolve built-up fat in cells under the skin by activating a naturally productive enzyme.  Its unique warming action creates a sauna-like sensation on your skin.
V's Signature Body Package90 min$175
Awaken your body's senses with this amazing treatment, made with the finest ingredients.  This body treatment begins with our exfoliating salt scrub mixed with our nurturing and moisturizing carrot and avocado oil, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.  Your treatment continues with our signature seaweed wrap.  While your body is absorbing all the nutrients and minerals from the seaweed, your therapist will be giving you a relaxing scalp massage. Finally, your therapist will apply a hydrating and anti-oxidant enriched moisturizer to your skin.
Sea Salt Body Scrub60 min$115
Sea salt body scrub is a popular skin care treatment that helps in removal of dead skin cells and exfoliation of the skin. It renews your skin and helps in the formation of new cells. Sea salt body scrub is useful for your body because of the combination of rich minerals found in sea salt. This improves the texture and look of your skin. Sea salt makes your skin glowing. It also helps in moisturizing of your skin.


Hydrotherapy Whirlpool30 min$50
Our popular Whirlpool Hot Bath Treatment is the perfect way to end the busy work week. Awaken your senses and renew your soul with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body's system. Reach ultimate relaxation after this treatment and leave feeling revitalized, ready to tackle anything that your upcoming week may bring you.


Mother To Be3.5 hours$245 ($300 value)
Enjoy our 60-minute Prenatal Massage, Exfoliating Facial, followed by our Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.
V's Therapeutic VIP Treatment2 hours$180 ($220 value)
Indulge in our detoxifying seaweed Wrap, Sensibly Swift Cleansing facial, followed by a 30-minute soak in our Hydrotherapy whirlpool bath
Deluxe Spa Getaway3.5 hours$320 ($370 value)
Begin your getaway with our 60-min Hot Stone Massage. Once you are relaxed, your treatment will continue with the Ultimate Botox Facial, finishing with a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.
Personalized Makeover3.5 hours$315 ($350 value)
This treatment is all about making you into the person you dream of being. We begin with a customized 60-minute cleansing facial, a customized 60-minute massage, with a make-up application, and Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.
Hair Upgrade TBD
Haircut/Blowout can be added to any ritual, treatment or service. Please contact us for more information.
Lunch Add-on TBD
Customized lunch can be included in any ritual, treatment, or service. Please contact us for more information and pricing.
Ask about how to get our rituals, treatments, monthly specials, or any discounted price points on ALL your services ALL year round! Contact us for more information about The Vip List.

For Him

King for the Day3 hours$225 ($265 value)
A customized massage, Spa Pedicure, and The Hombre Guapo Facial
Our Arnold Palmer2 hours$175 ($205 value)
Hydrotherapy whirlpool soak or aromatherapy revitalizing shower, followed by a 60-minute customized massage paired with 30 mins reflexology foot massage.


Lip $10
Chin $12
Nose $12
Cheeks $13
Sideburns $12
Ears $14
Eyebrow $15
Full Face $50
Neck $14
Hands $15
Half Arms $35
Full Arms $45
Underarm $20
Mid Chest $25
Full Chest $35
Stomach Strip $13
Full Stomach $30
Shoulders $25
Upper Back $25
Mid Back $25
Lower Back $20
Full Back $60
Buttocks $40
Bikini Line $30
Full Bikini $40
Brazilian for Her $50+
Brazilian for Him $55+
Upper Leg $40
Lower Leg $40
Full Leg $80
Toes $15
Full Leg, Brazilian, Underarm, Eyebrows $135
*********** ***
We cannot perform waxing services on clientele who are taking Acutane Retin-A or related medication. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Extra Services

Individual Eyelashes Extensions 60 min$95
Minkys - Individual extensions (first-time application). Come back for eyelash filling every 2-3 weeks (depending on personal wear) for a discounted price of $50.
Casual Make-Up Application30 min$80+
Casual date night
Eyebrow Extensions 60 min$100
Infrared Sauna30 min$45
Hydrotherapy Whirlpool30 min$50
Cluster Eyelash Extentions60 min$65
Ardell - Clusters of 3-4 hairs are applied to lids. This will last up to 2-3 week depending on personal wear. Come back for free removal and a discounted reapplication fee of $55.
Strip Eyelash Extensions45 min$45
Ardell - Strip application (one time use)
Ear Candling45 min$60
Formal Event Makeup Application30 min$90
Proms, formal work parties, sweet 16s, etc
Wedding Makeup Application 30 min$100
Brides, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Flower Girl